Rapid Response Fund

Rapid Response Fund

“Disasters are said to affect everyone equally. Yet we know very clearly that those people who are economically vulnerable before a disaster, are even more marginalized and vulnerable after a disaster. We are committed to addressing preparedness and mitigation before a disaster hits and to supporting equitable recovery after. We also recognize that for many communities, disasters are more than just weather events; they include the impacts of climate change and the loss of innocent lives to police violence. We are reminded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his letter from a Birmingham jail, ‘We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.’ These are times for courage, unabridged love for humanity and laser-focused attention on practices that work to ensure everyone receives justice and safety.” — Flozell Daniels Jr., Foundation for Louisiana’s CEO.

Why Give?

Urgent situations such as community emergencies and disasters require swift, on-the-ground philanthropic responses and ongoing strategic analysis. With more than 11 years of experience in community-focused disaster relief and recovery, Foundation for Louisiana (FFL) stands ready to support communities across the state as they struggle with disasters of all kinds. The Rapid Response Fund is designed to provide financial support to strengthen local, on-the-ground groups in high-impact disaster response — now and through the critical long-term disaster recovery and rebuilding phases. We are also investing in preparedness and resilience building activities. We know from experience that this multi-pronged approach creates more enduring outcomes for Louisiana families.

What Do We Fund?

To be certain, government’s response has dramatically improved since Hurricane Katrina. We know that first responders save lives, serve evacuees and assess the recovery landscape. Philanthropic organizations like Foundation for Louisiana, meanwhile, are prepared to focus financial and strategic resources to ensure disaster-impacted families get the attention they need and can have a say in the critical decisions that will dictate the terms of their recovery.

FFL is ready to help, with contributions to the Rapid Response Fund, to provide assistance for immediate needs, long-term recovery and ongoing preparedness activities.

Building on our experience and expertise, we will use our capacity to work with organizations that are involved with providing assistance and have sustained prior relationships with individuals and families in the affected areas. As a statewide philanthropic organization whose roots are in disaster response and recovery, we are able to provide responsive assistance and ensure that devastated communities rebuild and become more resilient.
We learned after Hurricane Katrina that a critical need for small businesses was a quick infusion of cash to reopen as quickly as possible. Foundation for Louisiana, which has invested more than $40 million in disaster relief and recovery, will also work with business organizations in affected regions, to get money into the hands of worthy small businesses as quickly as possible.

Along with donating online, you also can send a check to:

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Rapid Response Fund
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